Roxas lacked candor in assessing BOI Mamasapano report


Interior Secretary Mar Roxas making public the BOI Mamasapano Report

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas making public the BOI Mamasapano Report

If there is one thing noticeable in Interior Secretary Mar Roxas’ assessment of the Board of Inquiry (BOI) Mamasapano report, it was his utter lack of candor.

Try to analyze what Roxas said in a press briefing:

“Based on what I read, he (Aquino) as the commander in chief correctly and rightly authorized that (Zulkifli bin Hir) Marwan is a target. There is no liability with that. He gave the order to apprehend or to serve the warrant on Marwan and (Basit) Usman. Nothing wrong with that. Trabaho niya ‘yan. In fact, kung hindi niya ginawa ‘yan, may pananagutan ang Pangulo no’n. (That is his job. In fact, if he did not do that, he is answerable for it.)

In making the foregoing statements Roxas, in effect, has absolved President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) from any liability.

Roxas has not only shown his weakness, but he is playing politics, plain and simple, for not making clear his real thoughts, feelings and/or sentiments, which was a far cry from his puzzled and dumbfounded looks he had upon hearing the first time of the massacred police SAF members.

The issue here is not about the success of Oplan Exodus in neutralizing a high-valued international terrorist, but rather the lapses committed that made Oplan Exodus a costly undertaking that resulted to the brutal killings of 44 police SAF commandos by Moro rebel forces.

I could not agree more with Roxas for nailing then suspended PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima as the main culprit in the Mamasapano massacre.

At least Roxas showed balls when he categorically said that: “The one with the primary responsibility is none other than suspended Director General Alan Purisima.”

For sure Purisima had no business getting himself involved in a critical operation where his name was no longer in the PNP chain-of-command. Out of respect, legitimacy and “delicadeza” (proper decorum) he should have shunned his participation.

But, who do you think gave the impetus to Purisima that emboldened him to get involved and be the source of information for what Oplan Exodus is and was going to be?

Of course it was PNoy! Would anybody still refute that?

Roxas knows this. In fact, when he and PNP officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina were kept in the dark about the covert mission, despite their being in the chain-of-command, and be informed only when the SAF commandos were at the target site already, who do you think ordered it?

Of course it was Purisima, and of course with the knowledge of PNoy, the commander-in-chief!

You just have to read the rest (excerpts from the Philippine Star newspaper, dated 3/13/15) and tell me if Roxas had the candor or probity, if you may, in telling the truth and absolving PNoy from any liability.

Napeñas said that during the meeting, Purisima told him to keep Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas and PNP officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina out of the loop, and inform them only “time-on-target.”

After the meeting, Napeñas also recalled Purisima as telling him that he will be the one to take care of informing Armed Forces chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang about the operations, also “time-on-target.”

“The President allowed the participation of the suspended Chief Philippine National Police (CPNP) Police Director General Alan Purisima in the planning and execution of the Oplan Exodus despite the suspension order of the Ombudsman,” the report said.

The report added: “While the President has the prerogative to deal directly with any of his subordinates, the act of dealing with Napeñas instead of OIC-PNP Espina bypassed the established PNP Chain of Command.”

Bases on the Manual for PNP Fundamental Doctrine, the PNP BOI investigators noted that the chain of command runs upward and downward.

The PNP manual requires the commander to discharge his responsibilities through a Chain of Command, the BOI report cited.


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