PNoy, Binay and Roxas


PNoy, Binay, Roxas

PNoy, Binay, Roxas

It looks like political news and events in 2015 will revolve around President Benigno Aquino (PNoy), Vice President Jejomar Binay and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas as they all have a major role to play in preparation for the 2016 presidential election.

How I wish there will be new names and new faces that will emerge as potential and competent presidential candidate in 2016, other than the two frequently mentioned contesting it – Binay and Roxas.

To me it appears that at this stage of the race both Binay and Roxas have lost their moral authority to lead the country and its people.

It does not really matter now whom PNoy endorses because more than ever, and despite his “tuwid na daan” (straight path) advocacy, recent despicable event, like the Mamasapano massacre, has made him a failure.

With corruption practices hounding Binay, while still the mayor of Makati, why should we entrust the presidency to him and let his dynasty rule over the country? If we think we just ought to forget the corrupt practices he has been charged of, then we better have a shrink examine our heads.

Roxas, on the other hand had been poorly trailing poll surveys among presidential candidates in 2016 for issues of his own undoing. But he could have redeemed himself and could have won the hearts of the people if only he showed the guts to value self-respect and stood up fighting for it against the administration of PNoy, who, in connivance with a protégé and a suspended PNP chief, unequivocally allowed that Roxas be kept uninformed in a dangerous police covert operation called Oplan Exodus that resulted in the slaying of 44 police commandos.

The fact that Roxas heads the PNP organization in his capacity as Interior Secretary, and was purposely bypassed, together with the PNP’s OIC Deputy Director, with the knowledge of PNoy, in an important mission to neutralize international terrorists only shows how lowly, if any, has been the trust and confidence the president had in him.

To be non-confrontational perhaps is good, but when one is discredited in his position and his responsibility downplayed, while lives of his men are lost, wouldn’t one have the urge and the courage to revolt?

Even the Binays – the vice president and Sen. Nancy Binay – took advantage of Roxas’ restraint and docility by putting him in a touchy spot, even if both of them knew that Roxas was intentionally kept out of the loop regarding Oplan Exodus.

If the people didn’t know who the Binays are, they would have been cheered on for their cheeky comments and/or line of questions posed upon Roxas. But, they are worst than Roxas and a political disaster for Filipinos.

Meanwhile, we just have to cross our fingers while continuously praying for divine deliverance.


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