Refranes sobre ayer, hoy, mañana (Quotes about yesterday, today, tomorrow)

Permítanme compartir con ustedes algunas verdades que nos deben guiar en la vida. (Allow me to share with you some truths that should guide us in life.)


Many times in life, people forget what they need to remember, and remember what they should forget.


“For all kinds of evils / wrongs , there are two types of remedies: time and silence.”


Do not be afraid of the slow changes, only be afraid of remaining immobile / motionless.


Live without pretending, love without being dependent, listen without defending, speak without offending.


I don’t have everything I want, but I want everything I have. DO NOT ALLOW non-conformance to penetrate your soul filling it with dissatisfaction….. value what you have.


The authenticity of persons is not in their words… but in their actions.


Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.


Do not constantly think of the past because you can’t change it. Do not let the future overwhelm you, you don’t know if it will come. Enjoy and live the present, do not let it escape, because once it goes, it will never come back.


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