Basketball import expelled for making rude remarks at Pacquiao


Daniel Orton and Manny Pacquiao

Daniel Orton and Manny Pacquiao

This is one pathetic episode in the history of Philippine sports where a basketball player, an import at that, was sacked, fined and sent home packing just because he told the truth.

Daniel Orton may be a washed-up player in the US, but the fact that he was once an NBA player and was ‘imported’ by Purefoods Hotshots to play for the team in the PBA, only means that he knows what basketball is all about and what it takes to win games.

So, why was Orton’s life with Purefoods short-lived?

For telling the truth, that’s why!

The truth came from the remarks Orton made after the game between Purefoods and Manny Pacquiao’s team, the KIA Carnival, where he said: “Professional boxer, yeah, okay. Congressman, all right. Professional basketball player, no. It’s a joke. Seriously, it’s a joke.”

So what is wrong with that?

If Orton made a rude remark, it was not directed against the Manny, the man, but against Manny, the basketball player, who lacks the talent and the ability to make him a formidable individual in the court just as he is in the ring.

Let us admit it, you guys – you top honchos of the basketball teams and the PBA- except for boxing, the rest of Pacquiao’s endeavor – be it in politics as a congressman, in religion as a preacher and healer, in the entertainment world as actor and singer – all are considered a joke.

I am extremely happy when Pacquaio wins every time he fights and feels awfully bad when he losses, but does that mean that because he is a boxing great that people could no longer belittle him when he is mediocre in other things?

And how moronic can the Purefoods team administrator, Rene Pardo, be to compare Manny Pacquiao with world-renowned leader in the African-American Civil Right Movement, Martin Luther King?

In fact the comparison is another joke, and a ludicrous, if not ridiculous one at that.

Rene Pardo is a big joke himself for unfairly and exceedingly penalizing a foreign player who was just calling a spade a spade, in relation to a local player showing mediocrity in the game of basketball.


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