Pray for the country


The reason why I am sharing with you this honest and emphatic answer given by Reverend Edward Everett Hale, when asked if he prayed for U.S. Senators, is because of its relevance and timing that is so applicable to our country today and the politicians that are trying to lead it.

We look at what is happening today in the country and we thank God that President Benigno Aquino has only until May 2016 to finish his term. What was an auspicious beginning with him at the helm has now turned into an ominous ending.

We look at Vice President Jejomar Binay who is leading in the 2016 presidential polls, and think about the charges of corrupt practices he is facing today while still Makati’s mayor, and the political dynasty he has built, and one can’t help but entertain thoughts of the country going to the dogs.

We look at the people we voted for as senators, and we see faces of most who should not have been walking, much less sitting, inside the august halls of the Senate except that they had the money and the notoriety to get themselves elected by people who really could care less. Worst still is that a number of them are actors, some even accused of plunder, yet harbor ambitions to become president of the country.

Indeed, like Reverend Hale, it is time for us, Filipinos, to look at these politicians, in the guise of public servants, and realize our mistakes, but most of all, pray for the country harder than we ever had.


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