Purisima’s arrogance resulted to high Mamasapano casualties

Ex-PNP chief Alan Purisima (Photo by Rappler).

Ex-PNP chief Alan Purisima (Photo by Rappler).

The first day televised Senate hearing on the Mamasapano massacre already proved the utter lack of coordination between parties involved that could have minimized casualties, while still accomplishing the covert mission of silencing international terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

The lack of coordination obviously resulted from having a suspended Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, who continued to have the unconditional support, trust and confidence of President Aquino (PNoy), play an important role of discussing and briefing the latter about Oplan Exodus, after secretly communicating and getting inputs from PNP-SAF chief Getulio Napeñas.

What this simply means is that you take out suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima in the picture and proper and adequate coordination could have abated the number of casualties in the process of carrying out the covert mission, otherwise known as Oplan Exodus.

Suffice to say that, since Oplan Exodus was a PNP-SAF mission, it would have been better off if PNoy listened to and trusted the competence and capabilities of the PNP chain-of-command rather than relying mainly on what a suspended protégé has to say.

When Napeñas was told by Purisima to exclude Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and acting PNP chief Leonardo Espina from learning about the covert mission in Mamasapano until it was on-going and that he, Purisima, would be the one to tell Armed Force chief Gregorio Catapang about the operation, it was in effect signaling an ominous consequences.

Otherwise, Naspeñas could have discussed intensively, extensively and effectively Oplan Exodus to both Espina and Roxas, who also happens to be responsible for the PNP, and the three could have gone over the plan thoroughly up to the extent of coordinating with their respective counterparts in the military for any support and/or any unforeseen eventualities that may arise.

I think the military under Catapang would have given their utmost and timely preparation in making Oplan Exodus a success since this is also an international concern.

I also believe that this arrangement would have been appreciated better by PNoy knowing that the country’s PNP-AFP forces are united and working together for a common cause.

Without Purisima, Oplan Exodus would still have been a mission accomplished with minimal casualties.

Arrogance got the better of Purisima and found an able Naspeñas a credible scapegoat.

Sadly, PNoy was in the loop, yet tolerated the unthinkable.


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