Duterte’s candidacy and not the form of government that matters most


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had been coy about it, but as more and more Filipinos are wishing, praying and urging him to run for president in 2016, little by little his mood about the idea has changed into being less adamant in joining the presidential race.

Duterte has been saying all along that he is not interested in the presidency or that he is not fit for the position, and has been telling all and sundry to stop endorsing him.

Not only did he threatened, jokingly of course, to kill whoever is behind the movement to make him run for president in the 2016 elections, but as ultimatum for his supporters to stop the movement, he emphatically said: “I would rather die early than enter Malacañang.”

What could be the reason why, all of a sudden, he is in the news and seemingly showing interest in the presidency?

Could it be that Duterte sees Vice President Jejomar Binay’s lead in the presidential poll surveys as detrimental to the future of the country, considering that he has still to clear himself from corruption charges filed against him?

Could it be that Duterte sees that some who have declared their intentions of running are themselves tainted by accusations of fraud?

Could it be that Duterte sees also that others are running motivated simply by greed?

Could it be that, while Duterte sees Sen. Miriam Santiago as a highly competent candidate, the reality is that she may not be able to run because of her health?

I would like to believe that this is the intervention of Divine Providence making a change in Duterte’s mind-set because after all the country and the Filipino people do not deserve to have a leader that will only lead us to damnation time and again while that leader and his/her cohorts are unscrupulously enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayer’s money.

The recent reports today circulating that Duterte is touring the country and advocating the change of government from presidential to federal form is heartwarming enough.

But what is even more pleasing is that while he is doing this, he is also listening to his innermost feeling and discerning whether or not the receptiveness of the people for his advocacy is the sign of God for him to run.

“What I’m sharing with you is my vision for the country; I’m not sharing with you my ambition. But sometimes it’s just hard to control since a lot had been asking and those who really believe in me so right now are pushing. I’m just listening, I will go around all over the country and start a listening tour,” Duterte said.

“Maybe, maybe I will get there but initially I try to say no because I’m not really interested. But the more I listen to the pain and suffering of the people… well, I still need the sign from God,” Duterte added.

Frankly, any form of government will work for us, but what is important is voting in place for the right person to lead the country and its people to progress and prosperity.

There is no need to look elsewhere.

Duterte could be the answer to the prayers of many, many Filipinos.


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