Church gets bolder after Pope Francis visit

Pope Francis with homeless children.

Pope Francis with homeless children.

I think the Filipinos, in general, learned a lot of things from Pope Francis’ visit to the country, most especially about his being human, just like us. The only difference is that in his face, in his words, in his actions, and even, perhaps, in his reaction to events that transpired anywhere he went, people saw in him the personification of Christ.

What I also think is that, while the pope’s aura made such indelible impression to the lay people, even those outside the Catholic religion, it impacted more, however, to the officers and members of the Catholic Church organization.

The least affected perhaps, I would venture to say, are the insensitive and the callous individuals in our society, and that includes the politicians, among others.

But that is neither here nor there,

What I am just saying is that while the Church gets bolder in its reaction to the pope’s urgings of showing mercy and compassion for the poor, protection of the family, appreciation for children and stopping corruption, that it should do it within the bounds of the Church’s reaches and never to impinge in State matters to avoid controversy.

The most effective way to do this is if representations from the Church and the State meet to discuss contentious issues without the ideas being made the subject of church homilies.

I still believe that both the Church and the State can make a big difference in moving this country forward and uplifting the lives of the poor and the marginalized by doing their own separate and distinct functions.

But where the line is grey separating them, there is no better way to resolve an issue than to bring it up in a dialogue without ever using the pulpit to expound it.

Poverty in this country is no doubt the product of corrupt officials in government. Yes, Pope Francis was right when he said it is the reason for the ‘scandalous inequalities’ seen in the country all these times.

But then we must admit also that our increasing population is correlative to the increase in the number of poor people in our society – which means to say that the poor and the impoverished know not much really about responsible parenthood.

The country seems to be making head ways in stumping corruption, but unless responsible parenthood is made to succeed without much interference from the emboldened church, then I am afraid the poor, the homeless and the street children are here to stay with the oblivious or uninformed parents breeding like rabbits, as Pope Francis described them.


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