The senseless Charlie Hebdo massacre

Unity/solidarity rally in France in what was perceived to be a terror attack after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Unity/solidarity rally in France in what was perceived to be a terror attack after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

If the cold-blooded Muslim brothers/murderers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, thought that by assaulting the offices of the French satirical weekly magazine, Charlie Hebdo, and senselessly killing the employees/cartoonists they would silence and forever stop its seemingly irreverent depictions of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, among others, they could never have been more wrong.

What the murderous brothers did instead was not only galvanize the French nation together with the rest of the free world in upholding freedom and denouncing strongly any form of terrorist attack, but the dead duo also earned the ire of prominent Muslim leaders who expressed their solidarity with the people of France by attending the unity march held in the streets of Paris.

The interior ministry said turnout across France was at least 3.7 million, including up to 1.6 million in Paris – where sheer numbers made an exact tally difficult.

Rallies also took place outside of France, with thousands of people gathering in London, Washington, Montreal and Berlin.

In Madrid, several hundred Muslims held banners saying “Not in our name” next to the train station where in 2004 Islamist bombings killed nearly 200 people.

With so many world leaders of different religious persuasion in attendance expressing support and unity after the senseless massacre, France President Francois Hollande aptly described Paris as the capital of the world that day.

What it simply means is that every freedom loving people that day, whether in France or elsewhere, celebrated the rebirth of a stronger freer and more determined cartoonist/critic ‘Charlie Hebdo’.

I don’t think “Charlie Hebdo’ deserves to die just because he’s rude, unpleasant or otherwise obnoxious. Free speech includes the right to be offensive.

(For satirical responses by political cartoonists on the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, please check out this link:


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