Marcos feeling pulse of people wrongly

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr

The increasing number of Filipino commuters taking the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) may be feeling the discomfort in their rides for reasons mainly attributed to poor management, but I believe they are more piqued by the unreasonable, unfair and unjustifiable fare increase ordered by Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

That being the case the riding public has all the reason to complain, denounce and even berate Abaya and his factotums, but sounding alarmist as Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr projected himself to be, when he said in a media forum that there will be a civil unrest due to the public’s strong opposition to fare hikes, is simply acting ignorant and feeling the pulse of the people wrongly.

The critics among us, and the media in particular, have been voicing their opposition to this very unpopular proposition of Abaya for fare increase.

Even the Senate, where Marcos belongs, has called for an investigation on the fare hike and wants to hear from Abaya his rationale for ordering it.

What I am just saying is that for as long as people of authority in the private sector or in government, and especially the fourth estate, calls for a review of some irrational or questionable action made by an agency of government, the possibility that the problem/issue can be resolved is high.

Suffice to say that the fare hike is not a dire situation that the public has to resort to civil unrest. Unlike Marcos, the ordinary citizens need the ride no matter the inadequacies. The battle cry is survival and many find it only at their working places and not on the streets.

I think Marcos knows better than issuing alarmist statements, unless he is the one trying to foment it.


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