Belgian rapist/murderer wins ‘right to die’

Frank Van Den Bleeken

Frank Van Den Bleeken

Death continues to be an interesting subject and this one is about Frank Van Den Bleeken, a 50-year-old Belgian.

After being jailed for almost 30 years over a series of rapes he committed in the port city of Antwerp, where he also killed one of his victims, one would think that Van Den Bleeken should really rot in jail.

But, unfortunately, criminal conviction and meted sentences have limits and for Van Den Bleeken, he was already being considered for early parole.

Most long termers may be looking forward to the day when they can be free again, but Van Den Bleeken knows himself better than to be contemplating for freedom day.

He has acknowledged being a “danger to society”, fully aware that he is unable to control his violent sexual impulses.

What made his stay in jail useless and hopeless, however, is the fact that he was expecting the facility to have adequate therapy of some sort to treat his sick mind. Having none, it made it all the more despairing, describing his stay in jail as one “unbearable psychological suffering”.

“If people commit a sexual crime, help them to deal with it,” he said. “Just locking them up helps no one: not the person, not society and not the victims.”

This is one sensible comment, indeed, coming from the heartless Van Den Bleeken, who dejectedly demanded for euthanasia in 2011, allowing doctors to carry out the procedure to end his life.

“I am a human being, and regardless of what I’ve done, I remain a human being. So, yes, give me euthanasia,” he said in the documentary.

He is now to be transferred to a hospital where the medical procedure will be carried out.

Van Den Bleeken’s case was the first involving a prisoner and thus the ruling need the consent of the justice ministry. Understandably the consent was given to humanely take care of the irredeemable convict while ensuring the safety of the public.

Belgium became the second country in the world, after its neighbor the Netherlands, to legalize euthanasia for people older than 18 in 2002 and recently extended its right-to-die law to minors.


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