Speculations over AirAsia Flight QZ8501

airasiaFor one who has had the grieving experience of having a brother die in an airplane crash, I am inured to speculations already, to tell you the truth. I doubt very much if commercial C-47/DC-3 aircrafts in the mid-1960s had already flight recorders or black boxes, as it is more familiarly called today, but one has just to wait until the plane was found and surmise if what you or the others had been theorizing was indeed what happened.

I would have wanted to hear the conversation my brother, the pilot, had with the control tower during the last minutes of his life, but since nobody was talking about flight data recorder or cockpit voice recorder, then you just have to hear from those who found the wreckage and reported it on the newspapers the kind of death he and his passengers had. It took us eleven days to know that it crashed in Mt. Kanlaon during a short flight from Cebu to Bacolod because of inclement weather.

My point simply is that, in this day and age, speculation about ill-fated planes can be more appreciated because of the existence of the black boxes – if retrieved.

And so this brings me to the speculations made by many over the disappearance of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, and before debris and dead bodies have been surfacing on Java Sea.

Some were saying that the plane might have stalled when the pilot requested to ascend, where he had the plane cruising at 32,000 feet, to avoid strong turbulence/storms.

Although permission was granted to turn left, the pilot was not immediately allowed to ascend owing to heavy air traffic, and the plane disappeared from radar soon afterwards.

They say either the pilot was traveling so slowly or it was trying to climbed to steeply, exceeding what they call the critical angle of attack, which in either case the wing produces no lift to stay in the air.

Now others are also saying that the pilot may have managed to make an emergency water landing, but because of the rough seas it could not stay afloat.

The last theory could be true and could only happen because when the plane stalls the only way to go is down and when it was going down fast it gained airspeed and lift, thus the plane was able to recover from the stall and the pilot decided for the emergency water landing.

This is probably the reason why there was not too many debris because the plane would have disintegrated from the impact if it had not recovered from the stall. In fact I would also speculate that because a door of the plane has been found floating, that the passengers were being prepared for the emergency landing. Some where able to unfasten their seat belts while many remained still fastened to their seats.

But all these are speculations.

I have high hopes that the black boxes will be recovered and only then can we find out what really happened or whether or not our speculations jibes with the recorders of the star-crossed plane.


2 comments on “Speculations over AirAsia Flight QZ8501

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. I agree about the finding of the black boxes and hope they find it soon.

    • quierosaber says:

      Thanks. It has been a long time, but amazingly every now and then I dream about him. That is my only consolation after being gone for a long time.

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