Evolution of beauty: from torture to considerable fee

flat head  Maya_cranial_deformationI can’t help but write about this after reading how beauty treatment has evolved from the ancient Mayan times until the present.

Torture is a big issue today for different reasons, but it used to be that torture was applied to female Mayan babies to make them look beautiful when they grow up. Cranial deformation and being cross-eyed is a beautiful person in ancient times so what the mothers would do was attach a board to the baby’s head and dangle a bead in front of them, resulting in flat heads and crossed eyes.

elongated head1In Africa the Mangbetu tribe of Congo has made the torturous practice of binding the female baby’s head to elongate it as she grows and make her look beautiful.

china1In China daughters of the rich had their feet excruciatingly bound starting at four years old as a symbol of beauty and status. With lotus feet, as they called it, they walked in tiny steps. Having bound feet was a sign that a woman would be a good wife, as they would be subservient to their husbands. This, I can relate, as growing up in Leyte we had a couple of these ladies owning big stores with their husbands. I saw more like them later when I continued my studies in Cebu City.

padaung_tribe2_1a7pqoi-1a7pqq2Even today torture as a beauty treatment is still being done by the Padung Tribe of Myanmar (formerly Burma) where their women start wearing brass coils around their necks at a very young age, increasing the number of rings as they get older until their heads are balanced on top of a long, thin, pole-like neck, earning them the moniker, Longneck tribe or the Giraffe people.

In this day and age of computers and globalization, however, beauty treatment has gone more sophisticated, and while the torture may only be temporary, the end result could simply be amazing as one is transformed from what you hate yourself about, to how you want people to look at you now – and for a considerable fee!

Plastic surgery is the most famous and expensive among beauty treatments today. It comes in different terms, like, liposuction, rhinoplasty or nose job, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, face-lift, breast lift, lip augmentation, etc., etc.

The problem with plastic surgery is that it is not the fountain of youth. It is simply a brief relief for what seems to be a vanity problem.

But, hell, if one is awashed with money, why not go for it and look different and appreciated – or depreciated by tongues wagging.


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