Roxas’ viral motorcycle fall brouhaha

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas falling from his motorycle while doing work in Samar.

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas falling from his motorcycle while doing work in Samar.

I wish people, more especially the rabid critics of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, will show some kind of discretion before censuring him for not following safety procedure when riding a motorcycle.

This, when Roxas failed to use a helmet and was photographed falling from his motorcycle when he led officials in inspecting areas hit by Typhoon Ruby in Eastern Samar.

This is what I consider a classic example of whiners who simply “can’t see the forest for the trees.” The latter is an expression used of people who pay too much attention to details and misses seeing the greater picture and understanding the situation as a whole.

I think in the situation where Roxas and his party was in, and considering his responsibility in assessing, together with the local officials, what has to be done before, during and, more so, after a typhoon makes landfall, it was an spontaneous decision he made and, perhaps, the best at the time that a motorcycle be used to reach the afflicted areas quickly and easily.

Roxas learned his lesson from the Yolanda episode when he was scorched by criticism for his department’s delay in responding to the needs of the super typhoon’s victims. This time he just wanted to make sure that people got attended to with dispatch.

Let us be fair with Roxas. Long before Ruby struck, Roxas was already at the typhoon-prone area of Samar coordinating the works to be done. If he was there for political mileage, then, perhaps, it is fitting for people to ask also: Where was Vice President Binay at the time? What was he doing in terms of assisting would-be victims in the path of Ruby’s onslaught?

What I am simply saying is that let us refrain from criticizing someone for a mistake made on impulse, especially that the situation warranted it.

But rather, we should recognize Roxas for his motivation, his efforts, if you may, despite the risk he took , in trying to assure the greater number of people that, this time, they are not alone – that government was in their midst to bring fast help and relief, if and when needed.


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