After Yolanda, Korina does it again with Ruby

korinaIt looks like it is getting to be a habit for Korina Sanchez, ABS-CBN news anchor, to be making a faux pas every time we are visited and pummeled by a typhoon.

Who can’t forget the controversy she created when, in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda’s deadly destruction of Tacloban City, Korina took a potshot at CNN’s Anderson Cooper for not knowing what he was talking about when the latter criticized the government for its slow response in helping the severely afflicted community. This, when Korina was attending to her scheduled program inside a studio booth, while Anderson was on the ground witnessing first hand and reporting as the events unfolded in the devastated place.

Now, with another powerful typhoon, named Ruby, threatening the country, Korina has made again some reckless remarks that have been feasted by social media enthusiasts. This happened when the TV Patrol anchors were talking, off-the-cuff, about the impending visit of Ruby, where Korina wished Japan ill-well, suggesting that Filipinos should pray and hope that the onslaught of typhoon Ruby might as well be re-directed towards Japan and save the nation from destruction since the Japanese can cope better.

I don’t think any respected newsperson should utter such stupid and insensitive remarks, more so that she is the wife of no less than the Interior Secretary, Mar Roxas, who has flown to Samar ahead of Ruby’s arrival to make sure government responses this time are adequately administered.

Whether the comment was made as a joke or in serious, the hankering is unjustified and foul in whatever language it is used.

Poor Mar, he is already lagging behind in the presidential polls for 2016 and he has Korina who is pulling him farther down. What a calamity for Mar!

(For those who haven’t seen or heard yet the off-the-cuff conversation of Korina, Noli de Castro and Ted Failon on the subject, I am sharing with you this video.)


One comment on “After Yolanda, Korina does it again with Ruby

  1. quierosaber says:

    You got it so correct using the right word. Thanks.

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