Muhammad beats other baby names in UK

babiesThe reason why I am posting this short blog is because I want to share with you how interesting, but intriguing, the news is all about.

One would think that because this is happening in England, newly born babies would be given royal names, as parents are in the habit of doing, like, Charles, William, Harry, and George or the more popular names, like, Ryan, Tyler, Anthony, David, Jack and Joshua.

But, surprisingly, according to BabyCentre in UK, which among other things has a complete online resource of baby names, the name Muhammad, with its different spelling variations, like Mohammed, Mohammad, etc., is ranked at the top of the list of the most used boys’ name in 2014.

Oliver was the number one name until the spellings of 3,499 Muhammads, 2,887 Mohammeds and 1,059 Mohammads were combined, giving a total of 7,445 babies.

The name Muhammad literally means “the praiseworthy” is thought to be one of the most popular names worldwide.

Other Arabic names gaining popularity in the list for 2014 are Omar, Ali, Ibrahim and Kian, which can also be Irish in origin.

For girls, Sophia was the most popular name given, coming in ahead of Emily and Lily. Sophie, a close cousin, came ninth. Olivia, Amelia, Isabella and Chloe were also high up in the list.

A fast-riser was Elsa, given a boost by the character in the Disney box-office hit Frozen.

Gaining in popularity also are Arabic girls’ name like Nur and Maryam.


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