Maserati driver concocts tall tale against MMDA personnel

Joseph Russel Ingco

Joseph Russel Ingco

Joseph Russel Ingco, who earned the moniker ‘monster on wheels’ after having allegedly roughed up Jorbe Adriatico, a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer, finally surfaced only to contradict the earlier confession made by the latter, saying, that it was Adriatico who started the melee, with him being the victim.

It is for this reason, Ingco said, that he is filing countercharges of grave threats, physical injuries, libel and a civil suit for damages against Adriatico.

I do not know what made him concoct this tall tale, which I am pretty sure came from the fertile imagination of his lawyer, unless both of them think we, the public, are stupid.

But, Ingco’s smugness and dumbness only brought to fore his faulty alibi because, if, indeed, he was the aggrieved, why didn’t he report the incident immediately to the authorities concerned? He could probably have shown fresh marks or blemishes from where he was struck in the face and from his arm, when he claimed he wanted to free himself from the strong grip of Adriatico as he started driving off, dragging the traffic enforcer, and he would have been credible.

Why was he hiding instead? Was he thinking that no one could trace his whereabouts simply because his car did not have a license plate? If he was driving a common car, perhaps, but surely a posh car, like a Maserati Ghigli, will surely call the attention of authorities because there are not so many of them here.

As to the proposal by a lawmaker for a lifetime ban, I don’t think it will work. Somehow the guy, with his clout, will find ways to drive again, and in this country that is very possible.

Bringing him to court and hiring a good lawyer to pin him down and get him jailed or send him to do community service for some length of time cleaning septic tanks and hauling the contents out is the best way to deflate the ego of these kind of people and bring their feet back to the ground.

What bothers me, however, is the report that a couple of motorist have already come forward accusing Adriatico as one displaying a swagger, too, in the performance of his job.

This should also be looked into by MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and make sure that his traffic enforcers are all competent and boon to the motorist rather than be subjects of ridicule and disdain.


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