Road monster in Maserati known

Bleeding MMDA traffic enforcer, Jorbe Adriatico.

Bleeding MMDA traffic enforcer Jorbe Adriatico after being roughed up by Maserati driver Joseph Russel Abacan Ingco.

We all thought probably that after the Robert Blair Carabuena episode in August 2012, where the latter was caught on video slapping Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros at a Quezon City intersection, that there won’t be anymore assault against poor road traffic enforcers who are just doing their jobs “como Dios manda”, as they say it in Spanish. (Translation: As God wants it done.)

I was one of those who didn’t minced words in expressing my disgust about the utter arrogance displayed by Carabuena (, and hoped that, henceforth, none of the lowly paid and highly susceptible to air pollution road traffic enforcers will be bullied and verbally abused by snooty road monsters.

But, sadly, here we are two years after, another incident, practically similar in nature, is hugging the national papers and prime time TV news casts, and talked about in the social media.

This time the road monster-culprit has been identified as 39-year-old Joseph Russel Abacan Ingco who, reports say, got irked at MMDA enforcer, Jorbe Adriatico, when he saw the latter taking video of his car with his mobile phone after he ignored Adriatico’s order to stop.

Apparently, he was ordered to stop because the MMDA personnel noticed that the car had only a conduction sticker for identification and was about to make an illegal left turn.

Not only did Ingco disregarded a lawful order, but ominously proceeded to make a U-turn at the prescribed area a few meters away and headed towards where Adriatico was standing and gave him the dirty finger.

When the MMDA personnel dared Ingco to do it again so he could take more video of his despicable action, Ingco is said to have snatched Adriatico’s phone, threw it into his car and grabbed the startled enforcer’s collar while at the same time stepping on the gas, dragging him for several meters and punching him before letting him go.

“I did not fight back because I was afraid he would have me sandwiched between his car and the others that were on the road,” Adriatico said. Thank goodness, the man had still presence of mind, or not only could he be caught in between, but he could have fallen down after being let go, and run over.

What made the hunt for Ingco a special effort after he escaped was the fact that he was driving an expensive and classy Maserati vehicle.

Perhaps, this added to Ingco’s insolence and abusive behavior.

While the car has already been found (, Ingco remains at large.

The ball now is in the hands of MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino, who, in coordination with the police, should try to ferret out the hiding Ingco and penalize him to the fullest for his unwarranted monstrosity on the road – if only to give justice to Adriatico’s broken nose.


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