China changes strategy in territorial sea dispute

dispute1Looks like China has finally realize that bullying other claimant nations, like the Philippines and Vietnam, even in the latter’s respective territorial sea, according to the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), is not only destroying important political and economic relationship between nations but also damaging China’s image as a responsible global leader.

So instead of asserting their claim of almost the whole of South China Sea (SCS) with the use of force for emphasis, while still ignoring the UNCLOS, China has now declare that resolving maritime disputes should be done by peaceful means, which translates to having a friendly discussion or dialogue with the aggrieved nation.

I view this change in strategy simply as cosmetic and trivial.

A wolf in a sheep’s clothing is still a wolf by any stretch of the imagination.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared that neither turbulence nor war serves the fundamental interests of the Chinese people, adding that there’s only one trend in today’s world and that is the trend of peace and development and win-win cooperation.

Sounds like a wise preaching, but China is not about ready to give up the military development it has been pursuing in the SCS all these years.

As far as the SCS is concern, and whether one likes it or not, China will continue to show its authority and influence through the militarization of the area and still sending the same message to other claimant nations that what is China’s is China’s and what is yours is China’s.

Nothing has changed really.

Flowery language will not change the fact that China’s military presence in our backyard is contemptible and repulsive.


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