The aborted Binay-Trillanes debate

Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Vice President Jejomar Binay

Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Vice President Jejomar Binay

I already had my doubts that the once looming, much talked about and eagerly awaited Binay-Trillanes debate will ever materialize.

While Sen. Antonio Trillanes, and the public for that matter, welcomed it, somehow Vice President Jejomar Binay started showing signs of vacillation weeks after he issued the challenge.

Binay must have wondered why even his own people, speaking for him and his political party, were not enthusiastically one in strongly promoting the debate. In fact one of them suggested that it was not right for Binay to debate Trillanes whom he called a liar.

Then there is also the vice president’s daughter, Sen. Nancy Binay, who keeps on harping that her father would only be demeaning his position and office by “stooping down” to the level of a senator in the debate.

What arrogance!

She should be reminded that discussing and arguing issues with a senator does not make the vice president less of a person. The corruption allegations against her father are debasing enough and this is what he should be disproving.

In reality Binay was just waiting for the right time and the right excuse to give when to turn tail because, as the scheduled debate was set and approaching, it finally sunk in that he could never win the debate against Trillanes, even if the latter is not a lawyer. (

In fact, the opportune time to back out arrived, when, while celebrating his 72nd birthday at the Philippine Marines headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Binay was asked by a reporter to comment on Trillanes’ claim, saying, that he was the underdog because he is not a lawyer.

Reacting to what seemed to be a perfect cue, Binay immediately announced, then and there, that he was withdrawing from the debate scheduled on November 27.

Binay’s frivolous reason given was that he does not want to appear as someone who will take advantage of Trillanes, who is not a lawyer and lacks experience in public debates. This actually translate to not wanting to appear like he is a bully. But hasn’t Binay been complaining that he is the one being bullied by Trillanes and, for that matter, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano also?

LOL!!!! What crap!

Never heard such a senseless excuse like this, and coming from the vice president, it sounded more idiotic than any thing else.

Upon hearing the news Trillanes said, “That’s the lamest excuse you can ever get from anyone. Nobody is going to buy that.”

Exactly, and with that, poor Binay is now perceived by many as a bungling weakling who cannot decide for himself and is now walking with his tail in between his legs.

From here on, the presidency that Binay covets will look unreachable for him.

The best thing that could happen to the country now is letting go of Binay from the cabinet.

Hope President Aquino realizes this much sooner than later.


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