Yolanda in the lives of this generation


It was November 8, 2013 when
The strongest typhoon ever recorded
In history made landfall in the provinces of
Central Philippines.

It was named Yolanda and in its
Wake it left nothing but intensive and
Extensive death and devastation of cities,
Towns and barangays.

The country has been battered by
Countless typhoons in the past,
But nothing can be compared with
The monstrosity and horror Yolanda unleashed.

Only after Yolanda wrought havoc did people
Come to Know that there is such a beast called
Storm surge that rose to great heights
Overflowing the coastal regions with its might.

In fright and in awe people tried to escape the
Surge but in vain as it smashed its way in,
Wave after wave until it reached a place
Where it could no longer does harm.

The local government units did not know
What hit them as its leaders continued
Reeling in the aftermath of the havoc
Caused by the super typhoon.

The national government was equally
Stunned and confused that even as days
Passed and people started getting hungry
And thirsty there was no help in sight.

Thanks to foreign assistance bringing
Food, water and other basic necessities
Life started to move on painfully, but
With determination and resolve to survive.

Today marks the first anniversary of that
Fateful day that saw us so puny against
Nature and so poor and helpless that
Without other countries helping we are pitiful.


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