Lo que la vida te enseña (What life teaches you)


The joy of living

Joy is portable, bring it with you.


Do not climb mountains for the world to see you. Climb mountains for you to see the world.


If you don’t go, you don’t get there

If you don’t start, you don’t finish

If you are not, you are not there


My God!! Send money to those who owe me ..and hope “they will pay me.” !! So be it!!


Do not get tied down with the past nor in sad remembrances.

Do not re-open the wound that has already healed.

Do not re-live the pains and old sufferings.

What has passed, has passed!

From here on, put your efforts in building a new life, oriented up high, and walk forward, without looking back.

Do it like the sun that rises daily, without thinking what went on during the night.


The world changes with your example

Not with your opinion.


Life does not tell you anything,

It teaches you everything.


Let me know what you think

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