The more Binay snubs senate probe, the guilty he is perceived to be

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay has to retrace back his steps and start on the right foot because by snubbing the senate probe about his ill-gotten wealth and making sorties to the provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to explain what he claims are lies, baseless allegations and politically motivated charges against him are steps started by the wrong foot.

Obviously one cannot discount political motivation, but the existence of serious testimonies, documentations, corroborations and video presentations of his alleged wealth brought about by his corrupt practices during his stint as CEO of Makati City cannot just easily be fabricated or dreamed up unless all those coming forward to divulge the real identity of Binay have mental cases.

But the fact that they had been invited to the senate by the blue ribbon committee to expose the alleged blatant anomalies committed by Binay, to include his wife and children, as rulers of Makati for several decades now, only mean that they are all mentally stable and deserved to be heard – for whatever purpose it will serve the senate.

As the senate venue must be a welcomed forum for the invited resource persons to unmask the real identity of Binay, so are majority of the Filipino people relieved and indebted for the invited individual’s brave attestations considering that their revelations will help us decide whether or not Binay deserves to be the president of the country in 2016.

As a recap, the issues raised against Binay ranges from the alleged P2.28-billion overprice in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building II, the alleged kickbacks received from infrastructure projects when he was mayor, and his alleged use of dummies to hide his assets, including the now infamous 350-hectare Binay hacienda.

During the last senate hearing, the arrogant businessman Antonio Tiu, who claims he owns the scandalous 350-hectare hacienda and not Binay, only succeeded in putting the latter dismally in his rut. He and his lawyer finally fall into the trap that Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano set for them, which is admitting that the P11 million down payment, out of the total cost of P446 million, was only for the use of the property and not an absolute ownership of the estate as he don’t even have the title yet. Legally the owner is still one, Gregorio Laureano Jr., from whom Tiu allegedly bought the property. Now it remains to be seen if Laureano has the title and whether or not it has his name on it.

Since the last hearing, some developments have surfaced already. One is that Tiu will be filing a civil case against Trillanes for “defamation” – for saying that he is a “dummy” of Binay. Another is that Binay has challenged Trillanes to a debate.

Now, what a way to defend oneself!

Is wanting to find the truth from somebody an act of defamation? If you are not a dummy then prove it beyond reasonable doubt. Or is it just about braggadocio?

Is wanting to absolve oneself from graft and corruption charges attained by debating a soldier-senator? Why not challenge a more fitting foe – Cayetano?

But that is not my point.

My point is: since the senate has become a forum for these scandalous issues against Binay and if he is a lawyer worth his salt, why not face his detractors at the same venue so his explanation can be easily and speedily brought to the Filipino audiences, who might just change their corrupt perception of him.

But Binay must be articulate otherwise he will just end up convincing the Filipinos that he is what he has been woefully described – a corrupt politician, the likes of those lawmakers in police custody now.


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