Pulse Asia probable senatorial winners

Sen. Vicente "Tito" Sotto

Sen. Vicente “Tito” Sotto

Recent Pulse Asia survey for 2016 senatorial bets, which showed comic-trying-hard-to-be-an-able-politician Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto topping it, only shows how shallow, unsound and ridiculous our preferences are for candidates tasked to legislate laws in Congress.

What is even more demoralizing is that you have the likes of Jamby Madrigal (again?), Manny Pacquiao and Vilma Santos being mentioned as probable winners.

Others are recycled candidates, but far better than the incarcerated movie actors turned senators and I am talking about Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla.

Like Sotto, some are reelectionists and that is where the similarity ends, because unlike the stooge Sotto, who seem to have lost his tongue and bearings ever since his mentor, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, has been incarcerated, too, the others have shown their worth before.

Being worthy, though, cannot be said of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, a reelectionist, who has a different agenda – that of being able to follow his father’s footsteps without ever saying “sorry” for the dark days in the history of our nation. Surely he is there because, again, of our idiotic preferences, but no one can deny that he is there, too, because he wants to bury his despot father at the Libingan, ng mga Bayani, prevent the auctioning of the his mothers collection of jewelries and paintings (if ever the originals are found by the PCGG and Sandiganbayan) and making sure that what remains of the hidden stolen wealth continues to stay in a safe and secured place until the day the PCGG is abolished and governments that follow will no longer be interested in recovering the looted wealth.

I hope to God he is not reelected, but knowing the Filipinos, it is all wishful thinking. But don’t get me wrong. I am not saying here that, in his stead, let us elect another actor, another clown or another notorious individual. What I mean is that let us be more discriminating this time.

We can only hope that more qualified and competent candidates will surface in the near future for our consideration.

Then again what is dismaying in this country is the fact that a person may be qualified and competent many times over, but if he does not have millions to fund his campaign, he will be at the tail end in the list of losers.

So one does not have to wonder anymore why Congress gets filled up with actors, recycled politicians and members of political dynasties every election time. They are the ones who have the money.


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