Filipinos have lost trust in Purisima

PNP Director General Alan Purisima with his police officials at the Senate investigation.

PNP Director General Alan Purisima with his police officials at the Senate investigation.

For those who watched on national TV the inadequacy of the answers given by Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Alan Purisima, when grilled by Senators Grace Poe and Serge Osmeña over corruption and ill-gotten wealth charges, among other things, filed against him, I cannot blame, if like me, they will also surmise that, indeed, much, much more remains to be desired of his answers to convince the Filipinos that he is clean, honest and deserving of his position.

I admire Purisima’s guts for bringing along his ranking police officials to the senate, perhaps, as a show of solidarity for their beleaguered chief, but sad to say that they, too, I presume were unimpressed of his explanations.

While the Senate investigation centered on the controversial P25-million “white house” or the PNP chief’s official residence in Camp Crame, which does not appear to have been built by government funds, but allegedly from donations coming from concerned individuals and groups with ‘social responsibility’, whatever that means, still more and more irregularities are being unearthed against Purisima in his conduct as PNP head.

It looks like Purisima is claiming that what he owns now, from real state to expensive cars, are given to him pro bono or the least, at a huge discount.

It is bad enough that some policemen are involved in abominable crimes committed in the country, but what could be more worse than when the head of the organization himself is facing charges in the office of the Ombudsman for cases ranging from plunder, graft, and indirect bribery and administrative offenses of dishonesty, grave misconduct, and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service?

For the anti-crime watchdog Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) to file criminal charges against Purisima and for the Senate to summon him for an investigation of his alleged wrong doing definitely speaks volume on whether or not he remains the right man for the job.

No matter how much Purisima reasons out that he is a victim of personal attacks involving his integrity and capability by people whom he have displeased or enraged for doing his job, still he has come short in convincing the public that, like Cesar’s wife, he is beyond reproach.

The Filipinos, certainly, believes that Purisima has already lost the moral ascendancy to continue leading the PNP.

The question is: When will President Aquino realize that Purisima is no longer effective?


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