Stranger donates kidney for Dad of pleading daughters

The Callaways

The Callaways

Good Samaritans have different ways of showing their compassion and generosity. Mostly it comes in the form of a helping hand or financial assistance.

But for Chris Carroll, it was willingly taking out part of him and giving it to a total stranger to save his life.

Carroll, who is from Texas, was so moved with sympathy upon chancing a photo online of a man’s two daughters holding a pleading sign that said, “Our Daddy needs a Kidney.”

It was the wife who painstakingly thought of the idea in a last-ditch effort to find a donor after her husband, Greensboro, Ga., police officer Raleigh Callaway, went into stage 5 kidney failure.

After Carroll saw the photo of Callaway’s daughters , he got himself tested, discovered he was a perfect match, and headed to Georgia with his wife.

“I just knew. Even though there were thousands of people who called in. I just had a feeling that was going to happen,” says Carroll. “We’re supposed to love one another. We’re supposed to sacrifice for one another.”

Chris Carroll

Chris Carroll

What a wonderful disposition Carroll has!

It was indeed destiny for both men, as they are recovering from the surgery in an Atlanta hospital.

“It’s just so important for me to continue to live, and to take care of my family,” says Callaway, who is “thanking God for allowing such a wonderful family to just come in to my life.”

Callaway’s wife says the surgery appears to have been a success and Carroll’s kidney is functioning “great” in her husband.


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