Marcos son should stop telling Filipinos his father was a hero

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Every time the country commemorates the declaration of martial law (Sept. 21) by the despot Marcos or remembers his birthday (Sept. 11), it is always an occasion that gives his son and namesake, Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the chance to mouth his family’s wish to have his father honored by laying him to rest at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“It is his right because he is a soldier and he served in the military and his record speaks for itself. And he was the longest-sitting president in our history. By rights, he should be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani,” Marcos said in a television interview. “We really need to start moving forward. I think bringing us back again to that conflict does not serve its purpose now.”

If it was just because he was ‘the longest-sitting president in our history, period, I really would not question it, let alone deny him the honor, even if he was not a bemedaled soldier (weren’t his medals questioned?), but, for Chrissake, what does history say of the man after declaring martial law 42 years ago?

Marcos Sr may have fought for the country against the Japanese oppressors, but what is worst than being a duly elected leader in a democratic country and later willfully turning himself to be the oppressor against his own people whom he had been sworn to protect?

Not only that. The despot and his wife, Imelda, yes, she with the scandalous 3,000 pair of shoes, and their cronies made the country their cash cow and left it impoverished as they all tried to get away with their stolen loot.

Because of our shallow memories and the Filipinos penchant for idolizing the notorious, the Marcoses are back in our midst and, of all places, in politics, strutting like peacocks in the corridor of power and showing their guile as ever as if they were not part of a horrid past.

It is about time Marcos Jr should learn what we mean when we call a spade a spade.

The reason why his father, Marcos Sr, is called a despot is because he was one and for good measure.

Could there have been the famous and pioneering People Power revolution if it was not because of his despotism?

Marcos Jr thinks that because he has clout now that it would be easy for him to fool and convince the Filipinos that his father was a hero, too.

Imelda kissing the glass viewing case of her husband's refrigerated crypt.

Imelda kissing the glass viewing case of her husband’s refrigerated crypt.

Oh, yes, indeed we are moving forward, thanks to his family preserving the despot’s body in a crypt in his hometown of Batac in Ilocos Norte.

What I am afraid is that the day the despot’s body is interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani would be the day we will see the place in turmoil caused by the authentic fallen heroes for the infamy disrespectfully bestowed by a future insensitive president in their hallowed grounds.

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2 comments on “Marcos son should stop telling Filipinos his father was a hero

  1. marcos jr. speaks of war records but luis taruc is more of a war hero compared to his father. he then speaks of his father being the longest reigning president but magsaysay sr. was able to accomplish much much more in three years compared to da apo’s 21 years.

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