Miriam and her choices for vice president

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

From the looks of it Senator Miriam DefensorSantiago’s desire to run for the presidency in 2016 is certain, but with a caveat, and that is if her health permits.

Between now and the time she gave herself to decide whether to run or not, which is the end of the year, is not really much time for her lung cancer to heal. But even if she is getting better, what she needs is rest and, surely, the election season won’t spare her the rigors of getting herself and her team elected.

How I wish a miracle would happen and she will regain back her robustness and energy sooner than later so her presidential ambition will not go to naught.

Miriam’s choices for vice president, if only blessed by good health, only shows her selfless concern for the country and the Filipino people.

She mentioned the names of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Senator Grace Poe.

These are individuals with diverse personalities, but what one notices immediately about them is that none is tainted by corrupt practices. On the contrary, they are their own personage, each showing his/her individual charm and competence that is worthy of the position.

Miriam showed her preference for Duterte, whose psyche approximates that of Miriam in more ways than one, but, unfortunately, has declined the offer to be her running mate.

For the sake of the country, how I wish Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro would come out in the open and declare himself available and willing to be Miriam’s vice presidential candidate.

Even Duterte endorsed Gibo saying that his “capabilities are beyond issue”.

These are different times now and the people are more aware that the likes of Gibo, young and brilliant, is what is needed to sustain the direction the country has taken and the kind of leader that the world community can trust.

Gibo was once a presidential candidate and can go for it again should Miriam declare herself unfit to run.

Now, where does this leave Sen. Poe?

Well, Poe is new and while she looks decent and able, she needs more experience.

Her potential is noticeable and her time will come.

But not now while she is very much identified with the actors Estradas, one of which is in police custody accused of corruption and plunder.

Let the case at the Sandiganbayan be finished first before she starts eying for the higher office so she won’t be accused of helping free Jinggoy and another actor Bong Revilla, both good friends of her late father, Fernando Poe Jr.

The act of helping, which could not be avoided, would only destroy her credibility.

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