Vice presidential trial balloon bursts in Binay’s face

Businessman Manny Pangilinan and Vice President Jejomar Binay

Businessman Manny Pangilinan and Vice President Jejomar Binay

Beleaguered Vice President Jejomar Binay tried floating a vice presidential trial balloon, in the person of businessman Manny Pangilinan, in the hope that that it will generate enthusiasm and excitement among Filipinos for them to start clamoring for it.

But even before the populace could have their say about the Binay-Pangilinan tandem for the 2016 presidential election, it was Pangilinan himself who pricked and burst the balloon.

Simply said, it was bait that Binay threw to help sustain his lead in the presidential surveys, but the shrewd businessman in Pangilinan knew better than to bite and get himself involve in politics.

It would have been a formidable tandem, as some politicians described it, and rightly so, considering what the experience, knowledge and skills the top Philippine CEO could impart to government.

But that is speaking only of Pangilinan.

So does this mean that not being able to team up with Pangilinan is a set back for Binay?

I would like to think it is and not until Binay gets cleared from the building construction corruption mess that he supposedly started in Makati will he find himself acceptable and once more having the moral ascendancy to lead the country.

Absolving himself from any anomaly that is as serious as that of which Binay is accused of in Makati is important not only for his candidacy, but likewise for the person he chooses to be his running mate.

Had Pangilinan accepted the offer from Binay to become the latter’s running mate, Pangilinan would have deodorized Binay’s political stink and, perhaps, the people could have gone along with it knowing that with Pangilinan in government the country would be in good hands.

Alas, Binay continues to stink badly and the people are aware that if he chooses another rotten politician as his running mate, that it will only put the country back into the deep hole where we find ourselves starting to climb out only now.

For Binay to save himself from political destruction, he should not only fight for his vindication but should continue looking for a sweet smelling, competent and desirous running mate – yet again.


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