Gov’t takeover not panacea to MRT mess

mrtAlmost every night when one watches prime TV news, the newscast cannot seem to be complete unless it includes and discuses the sad state of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT).

It is bad enough that we hear all the time issues pertaining to derailment, safety (like doors opening while on transit), overshooting the tracks, or others that are described by the MRT management as ‘glitches in the system’, but it is even worse when one keeps on seeing that the commuters line are getting longer and longer everyday.

One cannot really blame the people waiting for their chance to ride because it takes them to their destination fast without the hustle and bustle of the traffic below, if buses were taken.

Having said that, the more that government should show more interest and concern in making sure that the MRT should be a mass transport that continues to be safe and convenient and, most of all, reliable.

But, surely, that does not mean that a government takeover is a panacea, a cure-all, to the MRT mess.

On the contrary it could only spell DISASTER – in capital letters!

What is frustrating about President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) sometimes is that, to this day, he keeps on blaming former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the country’s ills he has inherited from her – including the problem with the MRT.

PNoy is about to end his presidency and yet he continues to blame the Arroyo administration.

PNoy thinks that all his people are competent, reliable and responsible enough that they can’t be blamed for any fiasco happening in his administration.

“There is a problem, but it’s a problem that should have less problems attached to it if certain things were done before we took it over,” he told reporters in Davao on the sidelines of the Mindanao Inclusive Agribusiness Program launch.

All these years PNoy knew about the MRT mess and there was not much that can be done about it because it was there already serving the populace.

What is important is that he and the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Secretary have identified the problems – the incompetence and inept management of the MRT.

In cases like this, where you already have the transport system operational, what makes it efficiently and reliably functional are the people behind it.

If the organization has inexperienced, unqualified and unskilled people running the operation, then you are bound to have glitches.

But if you have managers that are proactive and know what it takes to run an MRT, then you can expect lesser operational problems.

Now, since the MRT falls under the responsibility of the DOTC, the Secretary has every right and authority to keep the MRT organization under his radar especially that it is a mass transport that impacts the safety, security and convenience of the paying Filipino riding public.

Any attention less than exercising the Secretary’s power in government cannot be considered as looking after the interest of the Filipinos.

To put it bluntly, it is command responsibility and the buck stops with PNoy, where the performance of the MRT is concern.


5 comments on “Gov’t takeover not panacea to MRT mess

  1. It’s easier to blame someone else instead of actually doing something about it while he’s already there. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed. And so frustrating!

  2. penpowersong says:

    Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law to curb corruption in the government. Cory Aquino strengthened the Supreme Court as a check for the abuse of the the legislative bodies. Fidel Ramos had a heyday in the privatization of government institutions and services which did not do any good to the lot of the Fiiipinos.Joseph Estrada laid the grounds for the transition of Mindanao into an almost peaceful region by using force, but failed to check the already growing corruption in the government. Gloria Arroyo did nothing much for the alleviation of the country’s economy, corruption became worse. Today, Pnoy Aquino washes his hands for the continuous plunging of the country into the pit of despair – socially and economically…with nothing to show as accomplishment after more than four years of service. Aquino has always something or someone to blame for almost any failure in his governance, including the operation of MRT which even at the very start has been doomed to fail because of obvious corruption within its system.It took his administration many long months to boot Vitangcol out as manager of MRT, but the action has been overdue, very late as much damage has been done to the already ailing transport system. That is how the administration today looks like…

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