Antic-showing Buckingham Palace guard investigated

For an important job like securing the Buckingham Palace, as we all may have seen it, one time or another, in reality or in images on TV, I never thought that this would ever happen.

But this video you are about to see, indeed, shows it happened as it even generated alacrity and comments from the audience watching the guard’s marching antics while on duty outside the Queen’s official residence.

Considered as one of the most boring jobs in the British army, this unidentified Grenadier Guard probably thought he was safe performing the unthinkable, like doing pirouettes and other funny acts, apparently for comic effect, during his two-hour shift routine while a crowd was watching.

But these days nobody in public is really safe from being video recorded and shared with many online, as what Andy Richards did, saying, “A Buckingham Palace guardsman misbehaves on duty while the Queen is on holiday. His senior officer might be having a chat with him later…”

Whether the guard was entertaining the sight-seeing visitors or amusing himself from what otherwise is a monotonous routine, the fact is that he has exposed himself at being remiss in his job while the Queen was reported to be visiting Scotland.

An Army spokeswoman said: “We are aware of the video. Anyone who is found to fall short of the Army’s high standards can expect to face appropriate action.”

Although the video was “lighthearted”, it is “not what we would expect from a serving member of personnel”, the spokeswoman added.

“If you are on patrol outside Buckingham Palace that is an important job and we do not expect people to be messing around.”

But if there is any consolation, it should come from an observer who was more forgiving, saying, “It’s a harmless bit of fun and entertainment for the crowd. He is still doing his job but showing his human side too.”


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