Cockroach breeding is trending in China

And for obvious reason – it is done for money!

Besides it doesn’t really cost much to raise them and the risk factor is nil. One has only to find a place for them. The murkier, the better’

This is about entrepreneurship at its best as it seems to have adopted a motto, saying, “If you can’t get rid of them fast enough, then breed them and make money out of them as medicinal novelty or exotic food.”

After all, this is China, and anything goes.

This video that I am sharing is about Wang Fuming who has made a fortune breeding cockroaches – the kind you see in common houses – no matter how much cleaning is done sometimes.

For those who can’t stand the sight and can’t help but imagine the stench of a cockroach, let me just warn you to skip it and read something else.

For Wang, however, his farm of over a million cockroaches is the sight, the sound, the smell and the taste of his booming business that is raking him cold cash.

(For another version of this video please open this link:


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