Guide dog continues serving master despite stab wounds


Oscar and one of the wounds inflicted. (Photo courtesy of The Japan News/ANN)

Oscar and one of the wounds inflicted. (Photo courtesy of The Japan News/ANN)

This is an amazing story about a male guide dog that continued serving/assisting its 61-year-old Japanese master until they reached the man’s workplace in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture despite suffering from stab wounds.

The man, who is completely blind, reported the incident to the police after a colleague informed him upon his arrival that his dog, a Labrador retriever named Oscar, was bleeding from his midsection.

According to police and other sources, the man left his home with his 8-year-old guide dog and took a train from JR Urawa Station to Higashi-Kawaguchi Station.

Oscar suffered several stab wounds, one to two centimeters deep at about five-millimeter intervals. The dog appeared to have been stabbed with a sharp tool. Although no holes were found in his jacket, it was surmised that the perpetrator may have lifted the dog’s jacket before stabbing him.

The prefectural police are investigating the incident as a case of property destruction, which involves heavier penalties than violation of the Animal Protection Law.

Oscar is believed to have endured the pain of the attack without making a sound, as guide dogs are trained not to bark except in such cases as their owners being in danger.

“I feel guilty [toward the dog] that I didn’t notice he had been stabbed. Oscar was right beside me as if nothing had happened. That makes me [feel] even more sorry for him,” the dog’s owner said.

The police are conducting interviews and analyzing images from security cameras to confirm where the incident occurred.

Oscar has received treatment and is reportedly recovering from his wounds.

“Guide dogs are the hands and feet of visually impaired people, allowing them to live in society. This is tantamount to stabbing a visually impaired person himself,” said Noritoshi Sato, 43, deputy director of the Tokyo-based animal protection group Animal Green Apple.

It is simply amazing how Oscar endured the stabbing in silence and continued taking his master to work.


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