Failed wedding converted to successful charity event

Phil Laboon

Phil Laboon

For those who may experience a wedding day that never will be, for one reason or another, you can very well learn this instructive lesson from Phil Laboon without getting drunk, grieving or falling into depression.

Surely, Laboon was heartbroken when his supposed wedding on August 31 was called off by his fiancée, but he did not allow this adversity to get the better of him.

Since he already had booked the reception at the Priory Hotel in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, paying around $20,000, to include food and drinks, Laboon decided to go on with it instead of letting all the preparation go to waste and with a positive attitude broached a noble idea to his friends, saying: “You know lemon and lemonade.”

Laboon was in fact determined to make the sour taste of the breakup into something sweet and fulfilling.

Thus, “LemonAID” was born – an aptly called charity event which proceeds go to Surgicorps International, an organization that provides free surgical and medical care to disadvantaged children in Third World countries.

Tickets sold at $75 apiece snowballed into tens of thousands of donations.

Word of LemonAID spread quickly on social media making Laboon’s phone ring non-stop for pledges and more donations on the way.

“It makes you feel really good that we’re literally going to be changing a massive amount of kids’ lives. It makes it almost feel that it’s not the worst thing in the world to cancel a wedding,” Laboon said.

Not at all and thanks to the heartless fiancée for Laboon’s enduring happiness now, which can’t be said of them had their union ever materialized.


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