‘In aid of sound discretion’

Senators Antonio Trillanes and Nancy Binay

Senators Antonio Trillanes and Nancy Binay

Senator Antonio Trillanes described the Blue Ribbon probe of the allegedly “overpriced” P2.7-billion Makati parking building as an investigation ‘in aid of legislation’.

However, Sen. Nancy Binay claims that the Senate investigation involving her brother, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, and, possibly, her father, too, Vice President Jejomar Binay, of alleged corruption in the construction of the 11-story building is not in aid of legislation, but ‘in aid of destruction.’

For me and, perhaps, to many who give a damn and who are responsible for electing their leaders in the country, I see and characterize the investigation as ‘in aid of sound discretion’.

Discretion or circumspection, if you may, can be defined in many ways, but in this particular instance I would aptly construe it as the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment. It could also be explained as an ability to make responsible decisions.

Sound discretion is what is needed among us today if we want this country to continue moving forward to progress.

Whether or not one interprets this investigation as vilifying and politically discrediting Binay, especially that he is seen to be leading in the presidential surveys, and those grilling him, which includes the gutsy and tenacious Sen. Alan Cayetano, who together with Trillanes have expressed their presidential ambitions, what is important is to know well enough at this time who the presidential candidates are.

Corruption continues to be the most telling issue and if the Makati car park building is another scam that has victimized the taxpayers, together with the other buildings built under the administration of the Binays during all these times, then what does that make of Jejomar Binay as the country’s president starting in 2016 and the family dynasty that continues to rule Makati politics?

Is there really any truth, for example, that a 57-story Ayala Residences cost P2.8 billion while the 11-story Makati car park building also costs about the same amount?

Against what building standard is the Makati car park building being compared with when Mayor Binay described it as ‘world class’?

What I am just saying is that it is about time that we, the electorate, start using our better discretion in whom to elect to be the leader of our nation.

We cannot always be making one step forward and two steps, sometimes three, backward and in between wanton corruption is being committed.

If no other better criteria to choose from, then let us just go for the lesser evil and hope for the best – again.


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