Osmeña shoots self in the foot

tommyFor a man who wants badly to become Cebu City mayor again, Tomas Osmeña’s act of creating more enemies is not helping him at all politically.

This is what he has done when anger got the better of him upon learning that some city councilors of the Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) party joined the Rama-aligned councilors in approving a resolution granting Mayor Michael Rama the authority to sell South Road Property (SRP) lots.

With the silent treatment Osmeña has given his erstwhile party-mates, Gerardo Carillo, Ritchie Osmeña, Noel Wenceslao and Roberto Cabarubbias, it can only mean that they are marked men now and, henceforth, unworthy of the BOPK chieftain’s political patronage.

But, isn’t politics a numbers game, or to be more specific, a game of addition?

So who is really in dilemma now for political survival – Osmeña or the renegade councilors?

Who needs whom badly?

While all of them – Rama, Osmeña and the four renegades – have different ideas on how to dispose of the SRP lots to reduce our foreign loan obligation, while still being able to serve the necessary basic services for the community, it won’t escape the minds of the people that the onus continue to lie on Rama, being the mayor, and not on Osmeña nor the independent councilors, as they want to be known now.

With SRP being Osmeña’s pet project, but the root of the discord, he should have just bided his time and not go berserk against his own people no matter the urge.

We know that Osmeña wanted to punish the four recalcitrant party-mates, together with Mayor Rama and his party-affiliated councilors, for scandalously receiving a typhoon Yolanda- related calamity fund, which they were not entitled to at all, but throwing the gauntlet too soon was like shooting himself in the foot.

It is all to Osmeña’s disadvantage.

It is bad enough that he has always been perceived to be arrogant and spiteful, but losing followers and supporters instead of gaining more at this stage in the political game where he wants to wrest control of city hall in 2016, is putting his ambition in peril, both as Cebu City and SRP administrator.

Osmeña’s loss is definitely Rama’s gain. It is a gain that is putting the latter ahead already in the 2016 mayoralty race.


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