Not only saving face but saving the country


President Aquino with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

President Aquino with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

The broaching of the idea by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Manuel Roxas for President Aquino (PNoy) to extend his term in office is not only creating a controversy that is dividing the country once more, but is also an eye-opener for Filipinos to decide as to what it is that they really want.

Though we see this idea of Roxas as saving face, as he is way behind in surveys for the presidential race in 2016, yet he should be commended for bringing up this controversial topic because he is doing it simply to save the country from sliding back.

Being in the forefront of political events and being able to feel the pulse of the people, Roxas must have sensed that the Filipinos have started to appreciate the straight-path brand of leadership that PNoy has been advocating and the political will he has been showing to make progress possible.

The question now is sustainability PNoy have started implementing.

If Roxas is running poorly in the polls now and the LP organization, with the support of many in the country, are reluctant to have Vice President Jejomar Binay succeed PNoy, then who is best to continue the latter’s way of fulfilling the blueprint for progress that has been started by putting the interest of the country and the welfare of the Filipino people first, if not PNoy himself?

Now, who among the much talked-about presidential timbers have the motivation and drive to undertake the platform and course of action that PNoy had unflinchingly started, like his straight-path advocacy and his fight against corruption?

Could we be assured that the PDAF scammers who are now facing charges in court shall continue to be resolved until the day we hear the verdict, and not just quashed by anybody that succeeds PNoy?

This is what is causing the controversy because for PNoy to seek another term, some aspects of the 1987 ‘Cory Constitution’ has to be changed.

From what we are experiencing now, a 6-year term is too short for a good president and a long one for a bad president.

What is really good for the country, considering our values and attitude as Filipinos?

Should we go back to the four-year-term with one re-election for another four years? Or would an 8-year term be better for us? The latter would surely be like living in hell under a bad president.

Do we really have a choice?

Will amending the constitution solve our problem? Do we always have to spend oodles of money to solve mismanagement of government?

To me it does not sound like it is a term problem, but more like a character problem – both in the winning candidate and the electorate that makes him win.

Not being corrupted and correct discernment for the right man to lead us are what is important for the electorate these days.

I don’t believe that there is nobody out there who could ably succeed PNoy.

A non-politician could and it is a matter of identifying him and, collectively, urging him to lead and save us from damnation.


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