The Duterte-Rosales brouhaha

CHR chair Etta Rosales and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

CHR chair Etta Rosales and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

No matter how many times Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Etta Rosales criticize Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for his words and deeds, I think more and more Filipinos like what they see in and what they hear from Duterte

The more you appreciate the man and what he stands for when you get to visit Davao or hear what the residents have to say about their mayor.

In their latest brouhaha, which had something to do with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista being caught on camera giving a couple of whacks at the face of a Chinese man caught in an anti-drug operation when he refused to answer the mayor’s question, Duterte issued a statement, saying, “Kulang pa yon. Dapat sinipa ko. Sa Davao City, ikarga ko siya ng barko, baroto tapos ihulog ko siya Davao Gulf. Ang isda diyan ngayon wala nang pagkain e,” (That’s not enough. I should have kicked him. In Davao City, I will put him inside a ship then I will throw him into Davao Gulf. The fishes there don’t have food now.)

Well, we all know who Duterte is and how he loathes drugs being peddled in Davao and his antipathy for drug dealers/pushers, and he just felt probably that the Chinese mule did not deserve just a couple of whacks.

So, who comes in to put her two cents worth in?

Yes, you are right – Etta Rosales – alleging that Bautista violated the rights of Zhen Xu, the man caught red handed with 10 bags of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) with an estimated value of P15million.

In the same manner, Rosales also blasted at Duterte for his opinion at Bautista’s ‘kiddy’ treatment of Xu.

Rosales said Duterte’s comments sent a “wrong signal to law enforcers” and that the Mayor should “shut up”.

Shut up?

What wrong signal is Rosales talking about when these Chinese nationals are making the country a dumping ground for their drugs with impunity?

Had Rosales really verified how insolent the guy was towards Mayor Bautista when he was interviewed by the latter?

If the Chinese drug dealer does not know how to show respect to authority, not even the mayor, and continue pretending not to understand English or Tagalog despite his ownership of a Philippines’ driver license, does his persona still deserve to be dignified and his human rights protected?

What human rights does he have to be protected anyway if what he is doing is endangering the lives of Filipinos?

Drug dealing is not a petty crime and Rosales should know this. Whoever deals in illegal drugs are scum of the earth.

If being able to extract significant information from Xu will help authorities minimize the drug supply in this country before he is thrown to the Davao Gulf, then, so be it.

2 comments on “The Duterte-Rosales brouhaha

  1. penpowersong says:

    Palaging out of tune si Rosales…papansin. Hindi siguro siya nagbabasa ng diyaryo tungkol sa mga taong nawawala sa sarili dahil sa drugs kaya napapatay ang sariling anak, nari-rape sariling ina o lola pa di kaya ay kapatid na babae, nagpapakamatay at kung anu-ano pa. Ano kaya kung isa sa kamag-anak niya ay ma-rape ng drug addict na nang gawin ang panggahasa ay wala sa sarili dahil high sa drugs? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, MAYOR DUTERTE!

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