South Korea issues warning on crimes against nationals

South Koreans in Boracay, the Philippines' most famous beach.

South Koreans in Boracay, the Philippines’ most famous beach.

With a large South Korean invasion in the country I really can’t blame if their embassy here has issued a warning to our government on crimes against their nationals.

Not only are there more S. Korean tourists visiting the Philippines, but they are making their sightseeing tours in the country a prelude to what would become eventually their second home.

Thus, it is no longer surprising that you see Koreans everywhere – I mean everywhere in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – now taking up residence as students, business people, etc.

You just have to look around and see the ubiquitous presence of establishments – from restaurants, to groceries, to massage parlors, to car dealership, to repair shops, to churches, to schools and even language centers – all bearing Korean-language signs.

These people have really the green bucks to bring here and invest for they can afford to have high-end hotels and resorts, to include golf courses, which Koreans love to play.

Since everything is affordable with their dollars, those staying here become themselves the number one expeditionists in the country, thus, you see them traveling everywhere.

But, I do not know if South Korea’s apprehension is fair and proper or that we deserve the kind of warning given us.

“The rising incidence of crimes committed against Koreans while in the Philippines either on vacation or on business is a trend that has alarmed the embassy,” said the statement.

“It is feared that if crimes against innocent Koreans persist, businessmen will avoid the Philippines and seek safer places for doing business.”

Oh yeah?

Well, the S. Korean embassy should tell that to the marines.

I am more inclined to believe police spokesman Chief Superintendent Reuben Sindac who diminished the warning, saying, “It is not a cause for concern, it is not yet alarming. It is not as if Korean nationals are the only ones being threatened”.

Frankly, I am more disappointed, scandalized and outraged every time the media reports about Koreans killing each other in this country because of business rivalry, love triangle or bad blood that goes back to their own country being settled here.

These are the crimes that I often hear and read committed by their own nationals in our own country more than the allegation that Filipinos are committing the crime against them.


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