Aquino sisters’ reckless sentiments


PNoy's sisters: Pinky, Ballsy, Kris, Viel

PNoy’s sisters: Pinky, Ballsy, Kris, Viel

The presidential sisters have been in the news lately regarding their sentiments of practically anointing Vice President Jejomar Binay as presidential bet and their brother’s successor in 2016.

It was reported that in one of her evening show on ABS-CBN, Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Kris Aquino admitted that she and her sisters have been talking about the possibility of their brother endorsing Binay.

Kami ng mga sister ko naman pinag-uusapan namin yan. Sinasabi namin puwede naman talagang magkaroon ng unity at puwedeng kung ano kasi hindi naman kami magkaaway. At kung ipagpapatuloy naman niya lahat ng nasimulan ni Noy, why not?,” Kris said.

(My sisters and I have been talking about it. We think it’s really possible to have a unity [ticket] because we are not enemies. And if he is going to continue what Noy has started, why not?)

These statements obviously came on the heels of two expedient events: the first was during President Benigno Aquino’s (PNoy) SONA in July where he singled out Binay for standing by his mother, Cory’s government, when it was hounded by rebellion; the second was when Binay himself disclosed that he got word of the possibility that PNoy will “adopt” him as LP standard bearer in the 2016 presidential race.

In fact Binay admitted to be humbled by the statement of the oldest of the sisters, Ballsy, saying (referring to Binay): “There were only a few who fought the dictatorship, he was one of them. That’s why we have this experience together, in all of the struggles we were together.”

Would anybody still doubt that the Aquino sisters contributed to the defeat of Roxas in 2010 vice presidential race?

We do not know if PNoy was or has been pleased or unhappy over his sisters expressed sentiments, but certainly it has put the president in a spot.

If both PNoy and Binay had the same circle of political associates, I really would not be questioning the motive of the Aquino sisters.

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This is the kind of maxim that the Aquino sisters would have imbued first before blurting out their self-serving interests.

The sisters should be proud of themselves that no one can point a finger at them, much less at their brother president, that they are corrupt.

PNoy has earned the respect of the nation and the world community for that matter, for his moral stand against corruption and for his political will in running after the corrupt.

PNoy was not playing politics when he endorsed the Reproductive Health Bill, even as he earned the ire of the Catholic Church, because he deemed it beneficial to the state.

He started the advocacy of ‘Tuwid na daan’ (straight path) for the nation to be adopted because he felt that was what the country needed if it has to climb out from poverty. The advocacy is bearing fruit as it has sent prominent personalities, to include three senators, to detention camps.

The question is: Can Binay continue supporting this advocacy and sustain the momentum of seeing the biggest scam this country has ever had progress and the culprits penalized?

If Binay can do this, then he is the man and we can all thank the Aquino sisters for having a keen foresight.

If Binay fails, then he is just mainly used by the scheming Aquino sisters to prevent any prosecution that may arise against PNoy when his term is over, and that is selfishness and a disservice to the nation.

It is either the country moves forward and gradually improve the lives of the Filipinos or it slides back into the abyss of uncertainty and depravity.

The nation does not have to listen to the Aquino sisters.



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