Important to know who PNoy will be supporting in 2016


PNoy and Vice President Jejomar Binay

PNoy and Vice President Jejomar Binay

It looks like there is only one person now that is benefitting from speculations about the presidential candidates in 2016 and that is Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Ever since President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) specifically mentioned the name of Binay during his State of the Nation Address (SONA) for standing by Cory Aquino’s government when the opposition mounted a rebellion in 1987, some people had the sneaking suspicion that PNoy was favoring his vice president as his candidate in 2016 presidential race.

And this is being played up, even by Binay, who only a few days ago disclosed that he had received raw information that PNoy’s party, the Liberal Party (LP), was considering either to adopt him in 2016 or to coalesce with the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

“It was relayed to me. You may call it double hearsay, but in politics everything is probable,” Binay said. “In politics, nothing is impossible.”

If that is not the sound of an arrogant person talking, I do not what is.

What I am just saying here is that whether or not the palace will deny this confession of Binay, the truth of the matter is that PNoy is not doing justice to his ‘Tuwid na daan’ mantra.

There has always been speculations too that PNoy’s sisters helped Binay clinched the vice presidency over PNoy’s running mate, Mar Roxas, in 2010.

This is even bolstering and strengthening Binay’s position in 2016, which does not augur well for the country, because while on one hand PNoy is bent on stopping graft and corruption in government, now it is perceived, that on the other hand, PNoy is unmindful of the graft and corruption charges against the Binays and seen that the Aquino family is instead supportive of Binay’s candidacy for president in 2016.

What a calamity it would be if indeed this becomes a reality!

For sure Binay will not and could not be able to sustain the momentum that PNoy has started in his quest for a better and respectable Philippines because he is surrounded by people that will not allow him to pursue PNoy’s lofty dreams.

In order to foil these false pretensions and dangerous ambition of Binay, PNoy must, as early as now, make himself transparent and start using his charm, inviting and enticing someone who he thinks has the potential and the competency to carry on with what he has started in government and make him run for the presidency in 2016 with the assurance of his and the party’s endorsement and support.

PNoy has to be rational and realistic about the fact that Mar Roxas cannot win and succeed him despite the pact he made with Roxas that he will support him in the 2016 presidential race.

I think it should dawn on PNoy now that his friendship and loyalty to Roxas ends when the country’s interest and the Filipino’s welfare are seen to be going in a perilous and uncertain direction because of selfish motivations and mercenary politics indulged by traditional politicians.

Again I will say that there exists in the country the likes of Rody Duterte, the Gibo Teodoros, the Artemio Panganibans, the Hilario Davides and the Manny Pangilinans.

Any one of them is boon for the country.

Any one of them can easily beat the corrupt.


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