Surrogate pregnancy turns bad


Lovable Gammy

Lovable Gammy

Surrogacy is really nothing new.

This has been happening and continues to happen, especially for couples who can’t have children of their own. The desire to have a baby is so strong that embarking on a journey to far away places to find a surrogate mother is the only way to solve the problem.

This is what happened to an Australian man and his Asian wife who went to Thailand and contracted a surrogacy agency to find a woman to conceive their baby for them.

The agency found the woman, an impoverished Pattaramon Chanbua, 21, who was paid $15,000 (£9,000) to be a surrogate for the couple. She thought that with the amount she could educate her own two children and pay her debts.

Three months after a doctor injected the Australian woman’s fertilized egg into her uterus, she discovered she was pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl.

A few months later the doctors found out that one of the babies, the boy, had Down syndrome.

This is when the surrogacy started to turn bad, if not appalling.

The Australian couple, upon knowing about the condition of the baby boy, decided not to take him and suggested instead to have the pregnancy terminated.

“They told me to have an abortion, but I didn’t agree because I am afraid of sin,” Chanbua said, referring to her Buddhist beliefs.

In effect, the couple took the healthy twin sister back to Australia, leaving the boy, named Gammy, to his surrogate mother who has vowed to take care of the boy after his natural parents gave him up.

“Why does he have to go through all the hardships? I love him… He’s like my child now.  I don’t wish him to be the smart boy or intelligent person…I just want to see him as a good man,” Chanbua said.

What a compassionate and admirable mother Chanbua is!

And how cruel and merciless the biological parents are to flagrantly separate the twins and even abandon one!

I wonder if the Australian couple can ever have peace in their minds while caring for someone who reminds them all the time of their shameful and malevolent act.



3 comments on “Surrogate pregnancy turns bad

  1. What a cold couple those Australians were! My best friend’s daughter has Down Syndrome and she’s the sweetest girl ever! Well, there is thing thing called Karma though. I can only imagine how the sister would feel when she learns what her parents did and that she’s got a twin brother in Thailand!

    • quierosaber says:

      You are right. Heartless is how I want to describe them. The boy is still blessed that many have shown concern and are helping and he is not lacking in love, which is very important. Am sure God will be with him all through out his life.

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