Poor, wandering math wizards


There are children who are lucky and rich enough to be sent to good, private schools, yet they take things for granted and ends up mediocre and dismal students to the dismay and disillusionment of some parents.

There are also children who, unfortunately, are born from poor parents, who can’t even send them to a public school, much less being able to feed them three square meals a day, perhaps because there are just too many mouths to feed, thus, consigning them to the streets to fend for themselves.

Some of these kids grow street smart as they go on with their business of staying alive, yet until and unless a fling with destiny comes their way, would they know that they have something hidden inside their heads that can only described as God-given, which is simply waiting to be provoked and stimulated.

This video that I am sharing tells the story and discovery of three poor, wandering children who happen to be math wizards, courtesy of some engineering students from a Manila university.

You can also visit this link: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/07/31/14/watch-video-math-wiz-manila-goes-viral.

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