Events and milestones

babyCongratulations Philippines!

You are now a country of 100,000,000th people and counting!

But, is this really a time to rejoice?

If we were just talking about numbers it won’t probably cease mesmerizing us at how a poor, third world country was able reach that number in so short a time.

But lest we forget, this is not about breaking records. It is precisely because of being a poor, third world country that this milestone should jolt us from our passiveness and realize whether or not our enormous population is beneficial to the Filipinos in general.

If poverty wasn’t the main problem, I probably wouldn’t have given a hoot about the population explosion of this country.

But the way the economy of this country has been performing vis-à-vis the rise in our population has always shown that it has not helped improved the quality of lives of the poor Filipinos.

Thus, questions are asked as to why, despite the good economic performance, you don’t see the benefits touching the lives of the poor.

Who are those being benefited then?

Good question!

Recent encouraging events that has made to the lists of milestones in this country is the sending to prison (deodorized as custodial center) of three senators after they have been charged with plunder cases.

Yes, corruption is still very rampant in government that even the very poor in our society are victimized by these scoundrels who go in the guise of public servants.

And so, as the rich gets richer and the poor, poorer, how then shall the lives of the poor be alleviated so that they could live in ease and comfort knowing that corruption is here to stay?

It matters most that a responsible and competent individual shall succeed President Benigno Aquino in 2016.

It is even important that the country reins in the population growth as effectively as it can by doing everything possible that the Reproductive Health (RH) Law be made the game changer in the lives of the many poor Filipinos wanting to have quality lives.

It is best to remember the words of Klaus Beck, country representative of the United Nations Population Fund, when he said, “Governments that are serious about eradicating poverty should also be serious about providing the services, supplies, information that women, men and young people need to exercise their reproductive rights.”

The RH law is yet another significant milestone for the country.


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