Binay tops presidential survey

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay

Pulse Asia survey once again shows that Vice President Jejomar Binay is the man to beat in the 2016 presidential elections.

Is Binay the best there is?

Is  the Binay political dynasty here to stay?

While it is true that Binay easily goes where the wind blows and has never gotten himself embroiled in controversies, partly because he is simply playing it too safe for political expediency, one can’t help but think, however, if his style and personality is what is needed to lead this country in 2016.

The closest that I can remember Binay getting politically scalded is when he tried to play hero and thought that because of his friendship with Nur Misuari that he could end the Zamboanga Siege sooner than if government were to continue fighting the dismembered Moro National Liberation Front. Realizing that no one was pleased with his self-serving move, Binay backed off from his plan.

It only confirmed Binay’s belief that in order to protect his political integrity he just have to continue being less critical, less opinionated and less vociferous. All these have served Binay in good stead all these years.

But is Binay truly the kind of leader that could sustain the straight path that PNoy is trying hard to establish, no matter how pockmark the way is?

The problem with Binay is because of his desire to be popular and be in good graces with the people all the time, he would rather be mum on controversial issues dividing the country.

How could we gauge then his strength of character and resolve?

Have you heard Binay take a stand, for instance, on the controversial Reproductive Health Law?

I still have to hear whether or not he was in favor of former chief justice Renato Corona’s impeachment.

How about his views on the PDAF and/or the incarceration of Enrile, Estrada and Revilla?

Yet, for political expediency he minced no words that he wouldn’t mind at all having Jinggoy Estrada as his running mate in 2016.

What I am afraid is that with Binay at the helm and with the kind of dubious allies and traditional politicians he surrounds himself with, the advances the country has made and the respect it has gained from the world community will only come to naught.

So, if Binay is not the best there is, who?

Not Joseph Estrada again, for Chrissake!

Neither are the Grace Poes, the Chiz Escuderos, the Mar Roxases, the Alan Cayetanos, the Bongbong Marcoses (God forbids!) and the Bong Revillas.

I am more talking about the Rody Dutertes, the Gibo Teodoros, the Artemio Panganibans, the Hilario Davides and the Manny Pangilinans.

Either one of them is the best bet.




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