Despicable side of Enrile


Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

I have written a lot about Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, although his despicable side always far outweighs whatever respectable side he has.

Opportunistic and calculating that he is, he always knew when to get out of a situation.

Machiavellianism has always been his forte from the time he was in cahoots with the dictator Marcos, to the time he served under the presidency of Cory Aquino and until he became the Senate President.

Divine Providence must have played a role and showed kindness to the Filipinos that Enrile never got to be president although he deviously coveted the position privately. It would have been martial law all over again had he had the chance to get the endorsement and support of the people.

But for the younger generation that who only has a faint idea of what martial law was about during the Marcos regime and a sketchy recollection of Enrile’s participation, I am sharing with you here a link that makes it all the more understandable and unmistakable the despicable side of Enrile.

If I may add, let this story be an eye opener also to the younger generation on who the Marcoses really are. One cannot simply disavow the participation of the heirs, especially the wife Imelda, and even Bongbong, for he was aware of what was going on at the time already. Now they are back in power and have not minced words of their interest to reclaim Malacañang again.

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2 comments on “Despicable side of Enrile

  1. penpowersong says:

    When Enrile was asked by Monsod during an interview on TV where he got his millions, without blinking an eyelash, he said he got many logging concessions in Mindanao. So there…now we know why all of a sudden, Mindanao is suffering from floods!

    • quierosaber says:

      Wouldn’t doubt it. Heard about it even when I was in Zambo. One of those achievements during the martial law years, perhaps. The amount of lumber he used to build his mansion and the furniture inside, only to leave massive death from the run-off water and flooding.

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