Fart smell not bad at all


fart1Believe me I am not trying to be obnoxious and gross writing about the subject.

But after all these years of feeling sorry for farts being a greenhouse gas and a contributory to global warming, whether one is a cow or a human being, this piece that I am writing about should bring smile to your face, as it did in mine, for after all, whether you are the culprit or the victim, smelling farts is not bad at all – if savored in small doses.

Research always fascinates me, and this study made at the University of Exeter in England made it even more interesting because it says that smelling the noxious gas hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct when bacteria breaks down food, could help reduce the risk in the development of cancer and other diseases.

The researchers explained that small doses of hydrogen sulfide can help reverse mitochondrial damage. The mitochondria are the “powerhouse” of the body’s cells, driving energy production in blood vessel cells.

According to the scientists, protecting the mitochondria is a key strategy for preventing stroke, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis and dementia. The health of the mitochondria goes a long way toward determining whether cells live or die, and strong mitochondria help control inflammation.

“We have exploited this natural process by making a compound, called AP39, which slowly delivers very small amounts of this gas specifically to the mitochondria,” explained study author Professor Matt Whiteman – that way patients won’t need to sniff foul odors to get the health benefits of hydrogen sulfide.

So there you go!

Next time you are around people or by yourself and the familiar foul-smelling gas is passed, don’t hold your breath or close your nostrils because you will only be forsaking the benefits of a good fart.




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