Cebu maternity house mess

maternity houseThis is the same Cebu maternity house I blogged about two months ago (

Apparently, to this day no sanction has been meted against the Cebu Puericulture and Maternity House management and staffs, and justice continue to elude the complainants, the couple Ryan and Jasmine Badocdoc.

Since this case got blown up, after the couple posted photos of their baby Johannes with a strip of tape over his lips, more parents have come forward complaining the same thing about their babies born and being cared of by the maternity house.

I do not know what is taking the Department of Health (DOH) so long in resolving this case.

Whether or not the complainants will bring the maternity house to court or an amicable settlement will take place, it is a must that DOH will look into the bottom of this and see if, indeed, the maternity house is well equip, has competent personnel and has the required number of staff needed for their business to continue serving the public.

It has been reported that the maternity house failed to enforce the standard of newborn care because it didn’t have enough nurses for 28 babies at the time of the incident, when the ration should be no more than six babies for each nurse to watch over.

Though the maternity house may not be obligated to follow such standards, for one reason or another, it does not mean, however, that they can just apply tape on wailing babies and/or provide a pacifier on new born babies to keep them quiet.

The breastfeeding policy strictly prohibits the use of pacifiers or artificial teats whether the baby is premature or not.

This is not only an utter act of negligence, but a blatant show of irresponsibility as well on the part of both the nurses and doctors who should know better.

What is even distressing now is about a report that has come out involving the death of one of the babies born at the maternity house.

This is how serious the mess is in this maternity house.

Before it gets anymore disastrous than this, DOH and the other government agencies should get involve fast and decide whether the maternity house should continue operating or not.

But most importantly, those found exercising malpractice of their own code of conduct and ethical procedures while caring for the patients entrusted to them should be strongly penalized.


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