Osmeña’s cancer-free ad targets at Rama


Osmeña vs Rama return bout

Osmeña vs Rama return bout

Former Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña’s one page advertisement in SunStar, June 23, 2014 issue, about his cancer-free medical status as announced by the MDAnderson Cancer Center of Houston, Texas, is not only a propaganda of what money can do, but more as a public declaration of a political comeback.

I don’t think he posted the notice for Cebuanos, in general, to know about his cancer prognosis by the renowned hospital. Who cares?

It would have been more appreciated if it was an ad showing even a modicum of humility in thanking friends and foes alike who prayed for his total recovery. It would have been less woeful for those who continue to battle cancer because of very limited resources.

But surely Osmeña had it published, purposely and specifically, for Cebu City’s Mayor Mike Rama to be aware that the MDAnderson Cancer Center has given Osmeña a clean bill of health for him to pursue once more, actively and vigorously, his political ambition of unseating Rama and making Cebu City an Osmeña country again.

Nothing is more important for Osmeña now than for him to be in control of Cebu City government and set the tone of the city’s direction once more according to his vagaries especially where his pet project, the South Road Properties (SRP), is concern.

This is a crucial stage in Osmeña’s political career and a must win for him against Rama in the next elections or else he could never leave behind a legacy that will mark him as Cebu City’s visionary leader with worthy and lasting projects, which he wants to be remembered for who he is.



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