Revilla farewell speech unconvincing


Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla

Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla

Embattled Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla probably thought that the actor in him will make a difference in the perception of people about him once he dramatizes his predicament in his farewell speech.

But his involvement in the P 10-billion pork barrel scam is so thick and voluminous that no matter the emotions he expressed portraying himself as victim of political persecution, he simply failed to convince the people of his innocence.

What made Revilla’s farewell speech even more ridiculous and cockeyed was when he lambasted President Benigno Aquino (PNoy) for the pork scam controversy, saying, that it wasn’t helping the country in any way. Then he called on PNoy to focus on more pressing problems such as the alleviation of poverty, among the many problems the nation is facing that needs immediate solution.

Wonder who the speech writer of Revilla is, but if the latter is intelligent and competent enough he should have known and could have been more circumspect because the ‘alleviation of poverty’ has very much to do with the kind of senator/politician he and his ilk are.

It is precisely why poverty in this country could not be alleviated because there are just too many corrupt politicians, lawmakers and government officials.

What does politicians, lawmakers, government officials – all public servants – mean if not, supposedly, being role model of integrity, respectability and morality?

We often hear of the saying that “Public office is a public trust.” But that seem no longer true in this day and age in Philippine politics.

At the outset those running for public office act as if they are the epitome of honesty and trustfulness. But, once elected to the position of public trust, public office becomes a haven for evil deeds. They become rich, powerful and influential forgetting what being ethical is all about and uses these personal advantages to hold on to their positions elections after elections until the people find out that they are rotten.

Rotten Bong Revilla is and no amount of theatrics in his speech will ever cleanse him from the stinking odor coming out from the voluminous evidences nailing him to the pork scam at the expense of the poverty-stricken Filipinos.

And the gall to say that his conscience is clear!

Arrest and jailing non-allies may be just another movie script for Revilla, but it is a milestone in the justice system for Filipinos.


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